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I’m a signer-upper (YES, it’s a word). I tend to get so excited, when I see opportunities for trying out new pieces of software, joining new networks and having a look at who’s there and so on and so forth. And I do believe that networking and social software wil grow stronger and stronger in […]

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Web 2.0 sites I couldn’t live without – the Danish alternative

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m working on compiling a list of brilliant European (and primarily Danish) web 2.0 sites and services. Instead of writing the whole thing all at once, I’ve decided to get started, and then do updates as I think of new places. I’ll start off with Danish sites – […]

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Happy New Year!

I hope ’07 finds you well – I, for one, am tired (big new year’s eve bash), but optimistic for the year to come. To kick off the new year, I’ll point to Michael Arrington at techcrunch’s list of ‘web 2.0 sites I couldn’t live without‘. It’s an updated version of a similar list from […]

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Christmas spirit

Is not something I normally posses, but a trip to good old Boing Boing changed my mind. Turns out there’s a nifty little christmas easter egg in Flickr. Make a photo note saying ‘ho ho ho hat’ and Flickr draws a nice santa hat on your picture – gues what happens if you write ‘ho […]

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In my bag…

In my bag…. One of my pics @ flickr has hit 1000 views. I didn’t notice exactly when it happened, but it’s a bit of a milestone. The picture’s pretty old – it was posted to a photopool called ‘what’s in your bag’ on March 21st 05 – when I had only been a flickr […]

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Thinking of buying a camera?

Flickr can help you choose. The world’s greates photo sharing service has just launched stats showing which cameras, point & shoot cameras & camera phones are most popular. Couldn’t find my Coolpix S5 anywhere on the list, but It serves me very well, so I’m hangin on to it My pics at Flickr Check out […]

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